Case Comparisons: Why Nadia Eweida won her religious discrimination case over wearing cross at work


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Nadia Eweida

The 60-year-old was sent home by BA in 2006 for wearing a cross. She returned to work after BA changed its uniform policy. ECHR judges said BA’s amendment of the uniform code showed it was not crucial.

Shirley Chaplin

The nurse, 57, was moved to a desk job by Devon and Exeter NHS hospital after refusing to remove a crucifix. ECHR judges rejected her claims, deeming it a health-and-safety issue.

Gary McFarlane

The counsellor, 51, lost his job with Relate after saying he felt he could not offer therapy to same-sex couples. The ECHR ruled against him.

Lillian Ladele

The registrar, 51, lost her job with Islington Council because she said she could not conduct same-sex civil partnerships. The ECHR said the council’s action was “legitimate”.