Cash in the trash: Mysterious bin bag full of money left outside former vicarage in York

Police are now appealing for the public's help in investigating the case

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Police are investigating after a mysterious bag filled with thousands of pounds was left on the doorstep of a former vicarage in York.

North Yorkshire police are now attempting to identify the person or persons who left the bag outside the property before 10am on Tuesday. Police think it was dropped on the doorstep sometime during the morning.

They have not revealed the exact sums of money involved, or the address where it was left.

The cash was handed into police by the owners of the property after they discovered it on the day the bins are collected.  Police are now appealing to the public for information.

Detective Inspector Andrea Kelly, of York CID, said: "This is a very unusual find which remains unexplained and we would like to find out where the money came from and rule out any criminal connection."

Anyone with information should call York CID on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.