CCTV will be installed on new aircraft

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Boeing and Airbus, the world's largest aircraft manufacturers, yesterday announced measures to improve on-board security including closed-circuit television surveillance and reinforced cockpit doors.

The companies, whose aircraft form the fleets of most commercial airlines, have set up task forces to prevent a repetition of the 11 September hijackings. Designers at Airbus, the European coalition of aerospace companies including Britain's BAE Systems, said plans for the reinforcement of cockpit doors had already been issued to customers worldwide.

Boeing, whose 757 and 767 jets were used in the attacks, said it was considering a range of options including cameras enabling pilots to watch the passenger cabin.

The industry came under pressure after the atrocities to ensure assailants could not storm cockpits. Boeing and Airbus said they recognised the need to introduce new design features on their aircraft but said air marshals and tightened security on the ground also needed to be considered.