Celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal to launch restaurant at Heathrow airport's new £2.5bn Terminal 2

Menu will feature some of Britain's favourite meals inspired by his TV series

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Celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal has announced he will launch a new restaurant at Heathrow, the UK's biggest airport.

His latest venture will be at the new £2.5 billion Terminal 2 (T2) which opens in June 2014, and will also include a bar and a deli.

The menu will showcase some of Britain's favourite meals inspired by the chef's In Search Of Perfection TV series, such as burgers, fish and chips, and pizza.

Blumenthal will be following in the footsteps of Gordon Ramsey, who already owns Plane Food in Heathrow's Terminal Five.

The restaurant will also aim to deliver an 11 minute turnaround between ordering and receiving food, to cater for passengers in a rush. It also promises a "multi-sensory" approach to dining.

Blumenthal said: "This is an incredible project. There are so many different elements to consider when people are travelling. We want to deliver a broad spectrum of easy-to-enjoy, familiar dishes, from fish and chips to pizza."

Heathrow's retail director, Muriel Zingraff-Shariff, said: "This new restaurant will certainly introduce a unique and original dimension to the airport eating experience at Heathrow."

He added that stores will have a specifically "best of British" theme, according to the Evening Standard, with five applicants competing for every unit available. 

Terminal Two, or The Queen's Terminal as it is officially named, has also signed up fast food chain Leon and retailer John Lewis.

Airport chiefs will be hoping Blumenthal's food goes down better with passengers than his fare at Little Chef. His six-year association with the company ended earlier this year, with bosses saying his dishes were not popular with customers.

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