Clacton-by-election reaction: 'Go home Clacton, you're drunk'

Twitter reacts to Ukip's landslide victory in Clacton-on-Sea

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Douglas Carswell’s victory in Clacton making him the UK Independence Party’s first MP has been hailed by Nigel Farage as “the best night in Ukip’s history”.

The Tory defector took Ukip’s share of Clacton’s vote from zero to 60 per cent in one night; 21,113 people voted to elect Mr Carswell, the largest increase by any party in any UK by-election to date.

But despite the party’s celebrations at their landmark result, people outside of Clacton-on-Sea have been sharing a different sort of sentiment.

In among the comments of “Go home Clacton, you’re drunk,” and “This is why Clacton can’t have nice things”; quips about the constituency having re-elected their previous MP and a doctored image of a Nintendo game about tiny extra-terrestrials who holiday on an Earth-like planet, one satirical image has won out.

It is a doctored picture of the Clacton-on-Sea welcome sign, which makes reference to previous gaffes by former Ukip party members on topics such as “sluts” and “Bongo Bongo land,” and the party’s stance on homosexuality and immigration.