Concern over sex scandals on military submarines

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Concerns have been raised about possible sex scandals if women are allowed to serve on British military submarines, it was reported today.

A review is currently being carried out by the Government as to whether females should be included among underwater crew.

According to The Sun newspaper, there are fears within the Navy about what could happen when members of the opposite sex live in such close quarters for months at a time.

It said that women will be allowed to serve on submarines, but initially just five female officers will be deployed on each of the UK's four Vanquish-class nuclear submarines.

The newspaper quoted a naval source as saying: "There is concern over what might happen. If there was a sex scandal it would be impossible for anyone to be taken off until the sub returned from its three-month patrol.

"The Navy will go to great lengths to make sure that the first women are officers with impeccable credentials."

Last month the United States defence department approved plans to allow women on its submarines, and Congress has until later this month to back the proposal.

A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: "The policy on women serving in submarines is currently under review. This review is expected to complete later this year."