Couple 'smiled after mugging victim's death'

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A couple accused of robbing and murdering a BBC costume designer by deliberately running her over walked away from their abandoned getaway car arm-in-arm and smiling, the Old Bailey heard.

Mark Woolley, 36, from Pentonville, London, and Jackie Moorhouse, 24, of West Hampstead, London, are accused of snatching Elizabeth Sherlock's handbag as she drank coffee in Euston railway station.

She died from multiple injuries after chasing Moorhouse, who escaped into Woolley's car outside the station, the court was told. The couple were so determined to escape that when Mrs Sherlock jumped on the bonnet to stop them, Woolley put it in gear and drove over her, said Nicholas Horwell, for the prosecution. "Her body was dragged for a short distance and knocked about like a rag doll," he said.

Woolley and Moorhouse deny murder and Woolley, who admitted manslaughter at another hearing, denies stealing the bag. Moorhouse has admitted theft. The case continues.