D-Day hero Bernard Jordan 'to receive highest honour' for Great Escapade


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Bernard Jordan, the war veteran who sneaked out of his care home to attend D-Day commemorations, could be honoured for his "great escapade" in his native Sussex.

Brighton and Hove mayor Brian Fitch has recommended the 89-year old for the Freedom of the City for his "spirit and determination". If approved, Mr Jordan will be awarded the city's highest honour as early as next month.

Mr Jordan received a hero's welcome last week as he returned to Britain following a "great escapade" that saw him embark on a trip across the Channel and triggered a missing person search.

Last Thursday, the brave pensioner slipped out of The Pines care home wearing a grey rain coat with his war medals underneath and set off for France. By the time he was reported missing later that evening, Mr Jordan had already arrived in France and checked into a hotel.

Following a fruitless search, the care home received a call from a younger veteran to say that he had met the missing pensioner en route to Normandy and that they were safe and well.

Although it was reported that staff had told the veteran he could not attend the 70th anniversary of the landings that changed the course of the Second World War, a spokesman for the home said it was "definitely not the case" that the former Hove mayor was banned from attending the D-Day commemorations.

Mr Jordan, who served with the Royal Navy during Operation Overlord, was left disappointed after he was unable to get onto an official D-Day tour given his last minute request. Undeterred, the 89-year old decided to go anyway and he plans to do so again next year.