Dad brutally attacks 'hero' bus driver from behind after he leaves his vehicle to help 11-year-old boy

The driver had managed to prevent a fatal collision after the boy stepped into the road

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This is the moment a dad attacked a 'hero' bus driver from behind after he had exited his driver’s cab to help an 11-year-old boy.

The perpetrator Andrew Berry, 33, was sentenced to four months imprisonment suspended for 18 months, after the attack that saw driver, William O’Doherty, 20, left with a cut eye and bruising to his face.

The incident which happened on 2 October 2014, in Salford, came after driver O’Doherty was able to prevent his Stagecoach bus carrying 35 passengers from running over the boy who had stepped into the road. According to prosecutor Tina Cunnane, it was only O’Doherty’s quick reactions and skill behind the wheel that prevented tragedy.

The back end of the bus is said to have clipped the boy, leading to minor injuries.

Following the incident, O’Doherty left his cab to check on the boy but was greeted with abuse from women standing in the street.

Moments later, the boy’s dad, Andrew Berry, ran up behind O’Doherty and struck him in the face causing O’Doherty to lose his footing and fall to the ground.

According to prosecutors, Berry was seen “swaggering off” after carrying out the attack.

Berry pleaded guilty to assaulting O’Doherty and was given a four months in prison, suspended for 18 months.

He was also given a six months curfew keeping him indoors between 7pm-7am and had to pay £200 in compensation to the victim.

Victim court chairman Mrs Shelagh Mayer said: “The seriousness of this offence has been the effect it has had on Mr O’Doherty.

“We have acknowledged your guilty plea but seriously considered sending you straight into custody.”