Diana - the inquest in numbers

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Here are some figures highlighting the scale of the Diana inquest:

2,931,300 - estimated number of words spoken in open court during the inquest - almost four times as many as there are in the Bible.

£10 million - the likely combined cost to the taxpayer of the inquest and the preceding Scotland Yard investigation.

20,000 to 66,000 - the number of landmines which could potentially have been cleared for £10 million. (Based on an estimate of between 300 US dollars and 1,000 US dollars per device used by the Mines Advisory Group).

Seven - the number of boxes of Galt "Make a Face" children's face paint used by inquest regular John Loughrey over the past six months to write the words "Diana" and "Dodi" on his face. Although each set cost him £5.99 in Hamley's toy shop he used only the royal blue paint. He has given the other untouched paints to his niece Amber, 20.

11 - the number of jurors hearing the case, six women and five men.

Four - the number of coroners who have had responsibility for the inquests over the past 10 years: Dr John Burton, Michael Burgess, Baroness Butler-Sloss and Lord Justice Scott Baker.

278 - total number of witnesses to have given evidence through a combination of live testimony, statements and letters.

15 - number of barristers involved in the hearing, including eight QCs. This does not include extra barristers who took part in separate judicial review hearings, or solicitors.

120 - total number of public seats made available each day - 20 in the main court and 100 in a tented annexe. They were rarely full.