Driver caught eating cereal behind the wheel confronted by off-duty cycle instructor

Other drivers were left open-mouthed by the careless feat

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A motorist has been filmed apparently eating a bowl of cereal at the wheel of her car.

Road users in Hampton Court, Surrey, were left open-mouthed after a Land Rover driver cruised along with a bowl and spoon in hand.

The careless feat was spotted and shared by David Williams, an off-duty cycle instructor from Surbiton.

“Put that down! You're on camera – you're going to the police,” he can be heard to say in the video, pulling up alongside the driver.

“I've got your number. Absolutely ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous – you're a bloody danger.”

When another motorist pulls up in a hatchback to ask what’s going on, the man explains: “She's eating her breakfast – she's eating a bowl of cereal.”

“What!?” the motorist gasps – “While she’s driving?!”

The hungry first driver does not appear to listen to Mr Williams and seems to continue with a bowl in one hand.

She gesticulates nonchalantly at the cyclist and continues towards a road junction, steering with her free hand.

Mr Williams praised Surrey Police’s reaction upon being shown the footage, describing it as “very good”. “[The police] contacted me via twitter straight away,” he added.

Commenting under the video he said: “I've seen some astonishing things in my life on a bike but this is the most remarkable.”

As many as two thousand people a year die in road accidents involving motorists each year, according to official statistics.

Driving without due care and attention can be punishable by penalty points on a licence and a fine. Dangerous driving, a more serious offence, can be punished by a short prison sentence.

Surrey Police confirmed that officers were investigating the incident.