Driver was 'killed instantly when his car was struck by speeding ambulance'

An inquest in Brighton said that Gary Tucker suffered severe head injuries after turning right across the path of the oncoming emergency services vehicle

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A driver died instantly from massive head trauma when his car was hit by an ambulance, an inquest has found.

Gary Tucker, 45, from Brighton collided with the ambulance while making a right turn on the city's main coast road.

A coroner at Brighton Magistrates’ Court said he would have died instantly and known nothing of the crash after being hit by the ambulance as it travelled at 60mph with its blue lights and sirens on.

The inquest heard that Mr Tucker and a friend were driving along Marina Drive at approximately 10.30pm on February 28. Making a right across the outside lane, the car was struck by the ambulance.

Paramedic Richard Cook, who was driving the ambulance, said he did not see an indicator before the collision. He said that Mr Tucker had made the right turn so quickly, he had no time to avoid hitting his car.

After freeing themselves for the damaged ambulance, the medics treated the driver and passenger, who survived. A second ambulance crew arrived soon after but were also unable to resuscitate Mr Tucker.

A family friend said Mr Tucker's mother had described him as a “wonderful son”, while a friend thanked the emergency services "for all the work they did to try and save him".