Driver who killed couple 'not guilty'

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A driver who killed a couple by crashing into their car while being chased by police was found not guilty of their deaths on grounds of insanity yesterday.

Matthew Kelliher, 31, had faced two counts of causing death by dangerous driving in Reading on 27 January. There was no dispute that he had caused the fatalities of Duncan and Annelise Storrar, but after hearing that Mr Kelliher told a doctor that he believed his car had "special powers like the starship Enterprise" and could travel at 6,000mph, the jury decided he had not been capable of understanding his actions.

On the day of the crash Mr Kelliher had earlier been taken to a psychiatric hospital but was not admitted.

Police later came across him trying to command traffic lights to change. He then jumped a red light and in the ensuing chase hit the Storrars' car at 60mph.

Mr Kelliher had a history of mental illness and the court was told he was suffering from an "acute psychotic disorder". He has now been detained under the Mental Health Act.