EasyJet cancels flights over Bristol runway concerns

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Budget airline easyJet has cancelled 18 flights to and from Bristol Airport over concerns about the runway.

The no-frills carrier is worried about the ability of its planes to brake in wet weather after resurfacing work on the runway at the airport.

An easyJet spokesman said: "We have cancelled our morning flights to give us time to work out if we can operate some flights from other airports."

Last week a plane operated by Guernsey airline Aurigny, with 52 passengers on board, ended up on the safety zone at the end of the runway after landing at Bristol.

The previous week an easyJet flight from Malaga strayed on to the safety area at Bristol while taxiing.

An easyJet spokesman said: "The runway conditions are slick at present and we are not confident we can land our aircraft in wet weather without skidding.

"We are looking at the option of diverting some of our flights to Cardiff or Birmingham airports. Passengers due to use Bristol this morning will get a refund or will be able to take an equivalent flight from another airport."

EasyJet said later that its decision to cancel this morning's flights had been taken after extensive discussions with Bristol Airport and with the Civil Aviation Authority.

A spokesman for Bristol International Airport confirmed the flights had been cancelled but refused to comment on the reasons for the cancellation.

Customers due to fly with easyJet from Bristol this morning have been advised to call the company on 08712 442366, or refer to the easyJet website at www.easyjet.com.