EDF pledges winter rebate to pensioners

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EDF Energy will hand out average £40 rebates to struggling pensioners this winter. The move – which will help 150,000 older people – follows The Independent Fair Energy campaign and will cost the French-owned firm £6m.

The cash will be given to needy people to ensure they don't pay more than they need to for gas and electricity.

They will get a rebate on their bills if they pay more than the cheapest prices charged by the firm.

Vincent de Rivaz, chief executive of EDF Energy, said: "It's simply unfair that vulnerable people end up paying more for all sorts of reasons. We are trying to address this long-standing issue."

But Gillian Cooper, head of energy retail at Consumer Focus, said the company needs to go further than just targeting pensioners.

"There are many other vulnerable households who are facing tough choices between cutting back on their energy or other essentials to make ends meet," she pointed out.