Elderly woman involved in four car pile-up was found to only be able to see for seven meters

Sussex police revoked the woman's license when it was discovered that she had unfit vision for driving

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An elderly woman has had her driving license revoked at the scene of a crash after police found that she could only see seven meters ahead.

The incident took place at 12.50pm on Sunday on the westbound carriage of the A27 motorway near Brighton City Airport in Sussex.

Four cars were involved in the accident and drivers and passengers from each car suffered minor injuries.

The section of the road had to be closed for over an hour and a half. Traffic police and three ambulance crews were sent to the scene.

One woman received a facial injury and others suffered minor injuries. At least two of the people involved were taken to hospital by ambulance crews.

West Sussex police tested the elderly woman’s eyesight when they arrived at the accident and discovered that she could only see 7.3 meters in front of her.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency says that you must be able to read a car number plate from 20 metres, with glasses or contact lenses, if necessary, to meet the standards of vision for driving.

The Sussex West road policing unit tweeted: “4 vehicle shunt A27 Shoreham. Eyesight test on elderly driver 7.3m! Licence will be revoked today by @DVLAgovuk [Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency]”.