Elizabeth Line: TfL apologises after new Crossrail map mislabels stations' disabled access

The newly published TfL map reversed the colour coding marking which station have full disabled access and which only have partial accessibility

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Just one day after being unveiled, the new Crossrail map has come under fire from disability groups after the accessibility at some stations was misleadingly labelled.

Disabled commuters said wheelchair access on the route map, published on Tuesday when it was also renamed the Elizabeth Line in honour of the Queen, was mislabelled, leaving commuters uncertain as to  which stations were fully accessible, the Evening Standard reports.

On the normal Tube map, a blue circle with a white wheel chair icon in the centre represents full access for disabled passengers from the street onto trains, while a white circle with a blue wheel chair icon represents partial accessibility.

Disable commuters were left puzzled after the new Crossrail map appeared to have reversed this colour coding causing confusion over which stations had full disabled access.

TfL have since apologised for the error, confirming that stations with a blue circle and white wheelchair have step free access to trains.

Chief executive of the charity Muscular Dystrophy UK, Robert Meadowcroft, said the error had added to disabled commuters’ frustrations over the lack of full accessibility on the new line.  

Mr Medowcroft told the Evening Standard: “This is a regrettable error, and while there is time to correct the mistake, this will not fill disabled passengers with confidence.

“Many disabled people remain deeply frustrated that on the brand new line, a huge investment for London, not all the stations will be fully accessible.”

Howard Smith, TfL’s Operations Director of Crossrail, said: “This was an error in an early version of the map and has now been corrected. The whole line will be accessible for passengers with lifts at all stations and manual boarding ramps at stations that require them.

"We apologise for any confusion but would like to reassure passengers that all maps and customer information will be correct for when the Elizabeth line opens in December 2018.”