Emu on the loose and causing 'issues' for motorists in Doncaster

South Yorkshire Police are looking to find its owner

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An emu is on the loose and causing “issues for motorists” in Doncaster, South Yorkshire Police have said.

The bird is currently causing havoc in Melton Road, High Melton and the RSPCA are on the scene attempting to catch it.

Police are now appealing for information to find out who owns the animal or where it might have escaped from.

In a tweet, South Yorkshire Police: “An emu is in Melton Road, High Melton, causing issues for motorists. RSPCA are there to catch it. Do you know its owner? Call SYP on 101."

The RSPCA could not be reached for comment.

The emu's appearance comes after authorities in Paris concluded a young 'tiger' on the loose in Paris was more likely to be a lynx. Residents had been told to stay in doors as authorities searched for the creature. The search was called off on Friday.

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