Entrepreneurial spirit: Order of Service from Thatcher funeral goes on eBay


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She would perhaps have approved of the entrepreneurial initiative. Memorabilia from Baroness Thatcher's funeral, including a mint condition Order of Service, is already being auctioned to the highest bidder on eBay.

After paying respects, one seller, whose identity remains anonymous, is now keen to cash in on the ceremonial funeral.

Bids had reached £92.50 by Friday afternoon for the complete Lady Thatcher St Pauls Cathedral funeral set, placed on the auction site by "mensaint".

A description of the lot accompanies a picture of the item, which is being sold in a "used" condition.

"This is an official Order of Service for Margaret Thatcher's funeral at St Paul's Cathedral," mensaint writes.

"It comes complete with my entry ticket to the Cathedral and to the reception afterwards at Guildhall.

"Afterwards at the train station I picked up a copy of the London Evening Standard which has a photo spread of images from the service, the crowds lining the route, and pictures from Margaret Thatcher's life and career."

The seller, a regular eBay user who has previously sold Falkland Island first day cover stamps featuring the Royal Navy and Marines, continues: "The Order of Service is in absolutely excellent condition having been placed in the plastic sleeve I brought my tickets and passport in."

"The newspaper is in good condition having been read by me on the way home. As it adds to the weight and the shipping cost you may decide not to have it and save a bit of postage. But to be honest I think it adds very much to the Order of Service as a collectable item."

The sellers notes add: "Order of Service is in excellent condition; newspaper is folded and has some creasing."

"Happy bidding on this historic souvenir!,"concludes the seller who will close the sale, which had so far attracted nine bids, on Sunday.

A second Order of Service is being offered for sale by a seller called ultrasilver_123, with the description "GREAT PIECE OF HISTORY TO GET YOUR HANDS ON". This item had attracted a bid of £80.88.

Also advertised on eBay are "Baroness Margaret Thatcher memorial British ceremonial state funeral wine charms" for £7.99.

Described as "a Britsh tribute to former Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher made with swarovski crystals", the "memorial wine glass charms" include "Big Ben and a framed photo of Margaret Thatcher."

Souvenir editions of newspapers featuring extensive funeral coverage are attracting a price. A copy of The Independent's 18 April edition is being offered for £7.99 on eBay.