Famous flood car to sell on eBay – ‘obviously NOT in working condition’, owner says

Submerged Seat Toledo became symbol for flooding of Somerset Levels

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A car which became famous as a symbol of the recent flooding on the Somerset Levels is to be sold on by its owner in an eBay auction.

It may have 110,000 miles on the clock and spent close to three months under water, but bidding for the 15-year-old Seat Toledo has already passed the £300 mark.

The saloon, which 21-year-old owner Hubert Zajaczkowski emphasises is not in working condition, was filmed and photographed for both national and international media, becoming one of the most prominent images of the flooding crisis.

Mr Zajaczkowski was forced to abandon the car on Christmas Eve on the road into the village of Muchelney because of the rising water.

It has since been commented on by the Prince of Wales and David Cameron, and its owner said he is selling on the car, which he bought for £600, to raise money for floods charities.

Mr Zajaczkowski, pictured here with his ruined car, said it was 'unbelievably disgusting in there' (eBay)

Writing in the sale description on eBay, Mr Zajaczkowski said: “Genuine Seat Toledo from the floods in Somerset.

“Obviously NOT in working condition, but my aim is to sell the car and donate the money to a Charity which is helping with the floods.

“Any Questions please message me. Collection Only.”

Earlier this week Mr Zajaczkowski, an apprentice at AgustaWestland in Yeovil, spoke of his shock at the car making headlines around the world.

“I wasn't expecting my car to be on telly and then eventually international news and in newspapers,” he said.

He said that when the flood waters receded, he was able to enter the car to retrieve his keys and insurance information.

“It smells,” he said. “It is unbelievably disgusting in there.”