Father describes 'guilt' after unwittingly hitting 15-month-old son with car and sparking police investigation

Jamie Ellison was taking his daughters to school during the incident

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A father who unwittingly knocked over his 15-month-old son in his car and sparked a hit-and-run police investigation has said “the guilt will be with me forever”.

Jamie Ellison, from Gloucestershire, was taking his daughters to school when he accidentally backed his car into his son AJ who had left the family’s home, and seriously injured the toddler.

When Mr Ellison returned from the school run, he found the emergency services gathered outside his home and believed his son was the victim of a hit-and-run.

AJ was rushed to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital following the accident. Mr Ellison then backed a police appeal to find the culprit.

However, CCTV footage obtained by the police later revealed that Mr Ellison was in fact behind the wheel of the car which had injured his son, the Gloucestershire Echo reported. 

Mr Ellison wrote beneath a report of the incident on the Gloucestershire Echo Facebook page: “Yes it was me.

“I just didnt see him or feel a bump my 2 daughters in the car also didnt see or hear him, so imagine how I feel right now to be told that I accidentally ran over my own son, think about that.

“That guilt will be with me forever.”

After Mr Ellison was criticised online for mistakenly hitting his child, parents have come together on Facebook to show their support.


“How can people be so judgemental. This poor bloke must feel like he's in hell at the moment after unknowingly running over his own son[…] Try putting yourself in his position for a minute and really think about how you'd feel if this was you,” wrote Will Harris-Gill.

“How many of you parents have known what its [sic] like for a kid to be a complete ninja and sneak off somewhere they shouldn't be or open the door when you are concentrating on doing something else and take your eyes off them for a split second?” wrote another Facebook user Emily Jayne Seal.

Mr Ellision responded to the well wishers: “Thank you for kind words. The little man is recovering well thank you all again.”