Female circumcision doctor fails in plea

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A shamed 81-year-old doctor who was struck off nearly 20 years ago for agreeing to perform a female circumcision failed in his bid to be restored to the medical register today.

Farooque Siddique was banned from practising in 1993 after an undercover reporter caught him agreeing to perform the barbaric illegal procedure on her for £500.

He denied the charges but the General Medical Council's professional conduct committee said it was "appalled by the evidence they have heard of your willingness to perform an abhorrent, mutilating and illegal operation for which there were no medical indications".

Siddique, reportedly a former Harley Street practitioner, had already been convicted of indecent assault in 1964, the GMC said.

In 1995 the doctor applied and failed to have his name restored to the register, still denying circumstances around the female circumcision.

Twelve months later he was successful in being restored.

But between May and June 2005 he was back before the authorities when the GMC heard that in 2003 he touched and commented on a woman's belly button ring while examining her for a dry cough.

The panel also found he wrongly prescribed medication that was "inappropriate, irresponsible, potentially dangerous and not in the best interests of the patient".

The panel also found he kept inaccurate records about the woman and his actions were "irresponsible, dishonest and not in the best interests of the patient".

Siddique was found guilty of serious professional misconduct and showing "an alarming and persistent lack of understanding of your own shortcomings".

Siddique wanted his name restored to the register so he could complete part two of the membership examination of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, which he failed in March 2005.

The GMC told him: "In the light of all the evidence, and taking account of the panel's duty to ensure the protection of patients, the maintenance of public confidence in the profession and the declaring and upholding of proper standards of conduct and behaviour, the panel has determined to refuse your application for the restoration of your name to the medical register."