Five dead, four hurt in Greek holiday isle crash

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A British couple and their son were killed and their daughter seriously injured when their vehicle was involved in a collision on the Greek island of Corfu.

The crash, in which two Greeks also died and three local people were injured, happened in wet road conditions on Monday night. Local police said the accident, on the road between Roda and Karousades in the north of the island, was the worst in recent memory.

Police said the vehicle that collided with the Britons' car had been travelling at more than 60mph - double the speed limit - on a wet stretch of road.

Neil I'Anson, 34, a railway signalman from Swinton in South Yorkshire, his wife Dawn, 28, a former nurse and their son Keegan, six, named after football legend Kevin Keegan, died. The couple's daughter, Sadie Louise, aged seven, is being treated for serious injuries at a hospital in Athens.

Police captain Zois Kyrkos said: "People are rather shocked at such a terrible accident. It is very rare. This was the worst accident I can remember." He said that an investigation was under way.

Members of the family were preparing to fly out to Corfu where the family had been taking holidays for 20 years.

Mrs I'Anson's father, Brian Wigley, said his daughter and son-in-law were so devoted to Greece that their two children were christened there, had Greek godparents and were given the ceremonial Greek names Athena and Phibos.

He added: "All we know about Sadie is that she's critically ill in a children's hospital in Athens. Apparently, she has leg injuries, throat injuries and blood on the brain. They did a CAT scan and found it in time and she's now stable but unconscious.

"She's lost her mother and father, she's lost her brother. We want to be there for her when she comes out of the coma."