Five-foot long boa constrictor rescued from behind car dashboard after owner took snake to the vets in his rucksack

It took three hours, a mechanic and 'a fair amount of sedation' to free Snake

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A five-foot long boa constrictor had to be rescued from behind a car dashboard after escaping from its owner’s ruck sack on its way to the vets.

Miguel Reid packed his pet – aptly named Snake – in his rucksack and placed it in his car before driving to the Highcroft Veterinary Group in Bristol on Friday, the BBC reports.

Snake managed to free himself from the rucksack and slithered behind the steering wheel, becoming trapped behind the car dashboard.

The five foot long snake was trapped under the dashboard (Highcroft Veterinary Group)

A desperate Mr Reid rang staff at the vets for help freeing the creature, who were forced to call in the help of local mechanics.

Staff valiantly try to rescue the snake (Highcroft Veterinary Group)

"After finding that the dashboard of the car needed to be taken apart, we enrolled the help of a local mechanic," vet Vim Kumaratunga said.

"Thankfully, he wasn't scared of snakes. After three hours and a fair amount of sedation, we managed to free Snake unharmed."

He said Snake would be returning home with its owner "preferably in something sturdier than the last rucksack".