Foreign drivers caught in road tax crackdown

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A week of action against unlicensed foreign drivers has caught more than 1,200 offenders, it was revealed today.

The crackdown by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has led to a number of vehicles being either wheelclamped or taken away.

In total, 1,233 drivers were issued with warning notices during the operation.

The drivers of foreign-registered vehicles must have normal UK vehicle excise duty car tax in place if they have driven in the UK for more than six months.

The DVLA said today that its enforcement against non-compliant foreign vehicles was not restricted to the nationwide week of action and that enforcement was ongoing as part of normal operational activities.

A spokesman for the agency added: "We take the issues associated with overstaying unlicensed foreign vehicles very seriously.

"That is why there is a continuing scheme of education and enforcement in place to help tackle the problem, which enables keepers of such vehicles to fully understand their responsibilities and to comply with UK registration and licensing laws.

"Those who fail to comply risk having their vehicle clamped, impounded and potentially destroyed."