Gadgets become latest road hazard


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Gadget-addict pedestrians are becoming a danger on the roads, it was revealed today.

As many as 11% of pedestrians say they regularly cross the road while distracted by a gadget such as a mobile phone, a poll by LV= Insurance found.

A total of 4% even risk their safety by emailing and texting while crossing, while 31% recognised that their ability to be safe on the roads is compromised by their obsession with gadget use.

The survey of 2,220 motorists and 2,208 adults showed that 9% of drivers had had a near miss with a gadget addict in the last five years.

In observational studies across the cities of London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Cardiff, 55% of pedestrians crossing roads using a mobile did so unsafely, with men having a more cavalier approach to danger than women.

In as many as 13% of cases, motorists or cyclists had to brake suddenly to avoid hitting a gadget addict.

LV= car insurance managing director John O'Roarke said: "Mobile technology and electronic gadgets are a huge distraction for us all.

"The increasing range of functions offered by gadgets like smartphones mean there are endless ways to have your attention diverted on the roads and pedestrians need to wake up to the dangers of crossing roads while using them."