Girls left out of pocket money while boys earn more for chores

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Boys are paid about 20p more than girls for carrying out the same household chores, research shows.

The pocket money savings website PktMny analysed more than 3,800 household chores and tasks from its system undertaken by boys and girls between the ages of eight and 18. It found that girls were paid an average of £1.25 per task, which included stacking the dishwasher, tending to pets and tidying their bedrooms. By contrast, boys typically received £1.45 for the same household chores.

Louise Hill, chief operating officer of PktMny, said: "The findings of our research into household chores reveal some significant divides based on gender, age and the nature of the task being undertaken by each child."

The website found the most highly paid task for children to carry out is cooking, for which they are typically paid £2.01. Music practice was the least lucrative chore, with children receiving 74p on average.

Children are being typically paid £1.21 for tidying their bedroom, £1.24 for doing their homework, 78p for washing up – and £2 for "good behaviour", according to the website.

Payment for household chores was found to peak at the age of 16, with £4.13 on average given per chore.