Glasgow crash: Watch police form guard of honour as victims are taken away

Video: Watch the aftermath of the Glasgow bin lorry crash

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The city of Glasgow is in mourning today after six pedestrians were killed and 10 more were injured when an out of control bin lorry crashed into pedestrians in the city’s centre.

On Monday afternoon in George Square, one of the city’s busiest areas, witnesses said the bin lorry careered off the road for around 150 yards hitting those people in its way.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, footage captured the road that would usually be busy with pedestrians enjoying Glasgow’s annual Christmas festival, closed and ambulance and police crews investigating the scene and recovering the bodies of the victims.

Watch a video of the aftermath below


Early on Tuesday morning, the bodies were finally removed from the scene by a convoy of private ambulances.

Police formed a guard of honour as the convoy travelled past.

See the guard of honour for the victims

The vehicles involved, including the bin lorry, were also removed.