Grandfather picks up the wrong grandchild from school - and does not notice

Grandfather took the wrong six-year-old girl to a doctors appointment

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An investigation has now been launched at a Kent primary school after a grandfather went to pick up his grandchild and was given the wrong six-year-old girl - and did not notice.

The man, aged in his 70s, arrived at Napier Primary School to take his granddaughter to a doctor’s appointment. When he arrived to collect her, a girl of the same name was brought out by staff and the pensioner did not realise she was the wrong child, according to Kent Online.

He then took the confused child on a bus to the Gillingham Medical Centre and was seen by a doctor, who prescribed her liquid paracetamol.

The child was then returned back to school, where staff at this point were still unaware of the mix-up. The girl's father was none-the wiser until later that afternoon when she produced the bottle of paracetemol and said: "Here's my medicine".

Despite noting that the second name on the label was not his child's surname, the girl's father said his daughter had been "known to tell a tale or too" so he went to the surgery, where a doctor confirmed he had seen the child earlier that morning “with her grandfather”.

The girl's father, who asked to remain anonymous, told the paper: “My daughter's quite a shy girl and she's not very outspoken and she got confused.”

He described the incident as "every parent's worst nightmare".

“Thank God it was an innocent thing done by a confused old gentleman,” he added.

The family have since contacted Kent Police and their local MP. Zerina Slade, the school's head teacher immediately asked all staff to attend a crisis meeting and said an investigation into the incident had been launched.