Grieving mother Jane Robinson donates toys to Christmas appeal after young twin son dies

Her son Lewis Robinson suddenly became seriously ill last month

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A devastated mother is donating her late son’s toys to a Christmas appeal, after the two-year-old died of an unknown illness days before his birthday.

Lewis Robinson suddenly passed away in November, 10 days before he was due turn three. As his family comes to terms with their loss, his mother, Jane Robinson, 22, from Garston, has decided to give the toys she bought him for Christmas to the Liverpool Echo’s ECHO Toy Appeal.

The public has already donated tens of thousands of toys to the appeal, which gives presents to underprivileged children during the festive season. 

Ms Robinson told the newspaper that she knew other children would appreciate the toys which she could not bring herself to return.

“I know that Lewis would have loved them. I had already bought them, and I couldn’t have taken them back because they were bought for him,” she said.

On a GoFundMe charity page set up on the behalf of Ms Robinson and Lewis' father Tony Hargadon, the pair described their heartbreaking ordeal.

An otherwise perfectly healthy child, Lewis suffered a seizure on 6 November and was rushed to hospital where he was diagnosed with liver failure caused by an unidentified illness.

On his third day in hospital, an MRI scan revealed his catastrophic brain damage had worsened, and his family made the decision to turn off his life support “and take away all the pain and suffering he had endured in such a short time.”

“I held my baby boy in my arms and began to read him his favourite bedtime story before turning the machine off. I then held him until his last breath. Our baby boy Lewis Anthony Robinson forever loved and missed,” Ms Robinson wrote on a Facebook page set up in memory of her son.

Ms Robinson and Mr Hargadon now have plans to create a memorial garden for Lewis, and have received over £5,000 in donations on the GoFundMe charity page.