Grindr to take down advert from GodLife after Christian group denies it was trying to 'change' gay people

Advert from Christian group against “pornography” use and “sexual daydreaming” is removed by site’s administrators

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A Christian group that warns people against using pornography and partaking in “sexual immorality”, has denied it was trying to “change” homosexuals after an advert of theirs was found on gay-networking website Grindr.

The advert posted by Christian group GodLife appeared on the gay-networking site across the Easter Weekend and was discovered by gay news website PinkNews.

The article behind the advert, takes users to a page that warns:

“God will remove His hand from your service to Him if you allow lust to lead you to actual sexual immorality.”

It also warns readers to “avoid pornography” and “monitor your fantasizing and daydreaming when your mind is idle”.

Despite this GodLife released a statement claiming that the advert was by no means aimed at turning gay men straight.

A spokesperson for the group said: “Wow, we really are all over the world. We do not judge anyone. We simply want you to know the love of God and what His son did to save you from your sin.”

Adding: “I am not trying to change you from who you are at all. God made you just the way you are. He loves you that way so who am I to go against God’s love. Happy Easter to you. He has Risen!”

The site’s administrators were alerted to the ad by Grindr users across the world, and have since begun action to take the advert down.

Explaining the situation, a spokesman from Grindr said: “We have both direct advertisers as well third party ad networks which supply advertising to the app. The ad you reference was served by one of these third party ad networks.

Adding: “While we do have safeguards in place to monitor for ads on third party networks, we do serve billions of ads on our network, so there is the occasional chance that an inappropriate ad may appear.”

As a result of the unfortunate product placement that occurred on the site this weekend, those that run Grindr have made a decision to stop religious groups advertising on their website or phone app.