Halcyon days where the stars held their secret love trysts are coming to an end

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Mick Jagger was thought to have cavorted there with a model who was not Jerry Hall, Paula Yates was seen there with Michael Hutchence the day her ex-husband Bob Geldof announced their separation. It was a hideaway for Liam Gallagher after his separation from Patsy Kensit when he left their home in north-west London.

But the Halcyon Hotel's days as a love-nest for the stars are ending. The peach-painted establishment in Holland Park, occupying two Belle Epoque town houses, is closing at the end of the month. Rumours say the 42-bedroom hotel, running since 1995, will be transformed into trendy apartments, The Halcyon's general manager, Will Oakley, said no decision had been made yet by its Indian owners.

The boutique hotel has served as a discreet venue for the stars and proved a perfect meeting place for their secret assignations. "People in the limelight have felt comfortable here because of the discretion of the staff," Mr Oakley said. "We have had a good rapport with the media industry and there have always been stars meeting for lovers' trysts."

The Halycon, which has variously been regarded as the city's best-kept secret and an oasis for high-profile romance, has been the site for many an indiscretion among the rich and famous. Filled with smart Kensington ladies by day, its leafy terrace has featured local rock stars and distracted lovers by night.

The hotel's intimate restaurant, The Room, has been a favourite of celebrities for giving media interviews. Regulars have included Robert De Niro, Naomi Campbell and Yoko Ono, who were said to have been attracted to the restaurant for its privacy. It has also been used by Richard Branson and John Cleese.

Built over two Victorian houses, the hotel has a layout that may be perfect for the love-struck superstar but which confused the astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who claimed he kept getting lost.

Monica Lewinsky, the former White House intern, stayed there in November 1998 when she worked on her book with Andrew Morton. The Halcyon has also served as a six-month home for the pop singer Geri Halliwell, after she split from the Spice Girls.

With a swanky cocktail bar, ivy-covered balconies and stunning views, the stars' romantic assignations did not come cheap. A night in the Halcyon suite cost £725.