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Halifax bank robbery filmed by witness


Shocking footage has emerged online of the moment a Welwyn Garden City branch of Halifax was robbed in broad daylight.

The footage of the robbery shows a Nissan Micra in the branch of Halifax in Howardsgate, a street in the Hertfordshire town, before speeding off down the pavement.

Dave Robb, who works at a newsagent opposite the branch, told the Welwyn Hatfield Times: "There was a car in the door, I heard a bang and there was a car in the door. Then it came out and we saw it drive off the path and disappear."

His co-worker Coral Ballard added: "At first we thought it was a joke like a film or something, then the door was down and everyone was panicking - we clocked that it was serious."

Police have said that the robbers took a substantial amount of cash, and they have also stated that the vehicle used in the robbery has been recovered.