Hard-up Greece sells house in London for £23.3m


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Greece has sold the luxurious British home of its former consul for £23.3m in a bid to reduce its mountain of public debt.

The Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund, the body tasked with raising £9bn from privatisations for the troubled eurozone country, confirmed that the 9-bedroom mansion in London’s sought-after Holland Park area had sold for £3.3m more than expected.

Diplomatic buildings in Nicosia, in Cyprus, Brussels and Belgrade have also been sold for a combined total of £11.5m.

The British property, which once acted as the consul’s official residence, boasts 8,271 sq ft of indoor space, in addition to expansive gardens. With eight reception rooms and two kitchens, the Grade II Victorian home is also perfect for entertaining.

The Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund is still negotiating sales of shares in many state organisations and is seeking investors to lease 40 uninhabited islands over a period of 50 years to develop as tourist resorts.