Has a mysterious Twitter account revealed the couple behind the romantic London marriage proposal spotted by a police helicopter?

The owner of a mysterious anonymous Twitter account has posted a number of images from what appears to be the site of the romantic proposal

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As romantic gestures go, writing out the words 'will you marry me?' in candles on a dark field scores fairly highly.

In fact, one Londoner, who did that very thing, has managed to garner national and international press attention.

As well as the interest of the Old Bill.     

Now, the owner of a mysterious anonymous Twitter account, purporting to be representing the love-struck pair, has posted a number of images from what appears to be the site of the proposal.

Police attempting to track down the couple, whose romantic moment became a viral sensation after being spotted by a police helicopter, have so far been unsuccessful.

They began looking for the the couple after the message appeared in north-west London’s Gladstone Park, and was captured by a helicopter’s camera.

Thermal footage allowed the police to spot the couple, including a man on one knee.

"We were all very moved,” the staff of the helicopter said in one tweet.

The MPSinthesky Twitter account tweeted: "We think we have just seen the most romantic guy in north London."

They also tweeted: "Who were the lucky couple in Gladstone Park just before midnight? #willyoumarryme?"

However, despite the police appeal and widespread media coverage, the identity of the couple has remained a secret.

The images tweeted today from the ‏@anonymous__d account appear to show a man and woman hugging at the site of the message, along with two further eye-level shots of the candles.

The account also tweeted: "The happy couple like to remain anonymous. They wanted to share the good news with @MPSinthesky and end the suspense with a happy ending."

The mystery deepens...