Home Secretary: "We need to control Glitter"

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Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has said that she does not want Gary Glitter to be able to travel abroad once he has returned to Britain.

The singer - real name Paul Gadd - is currently on his way back to Britain after finishing a prison sentence in Vietnam for abusing children.

"We need to control him, and he will be, once he returns to this country," Ms Smith told the radio station talkSPORT.

She added: "It certainly would be my view that with the sort of record that he's got, he shouldn't be travelling anywhere in the world,"

"I want Gary Glitter to be controlled whilst he's here and I don't want him to be able to go anywhere else in the world in order to abuse children."

Glitter will be required to sign the sex offenders' register and will have to notify the authorities if he wants to travel abroad.

Glitter's lawyer Le Thanh Kinh said that his client went to the British consulate after being released from Thu Duc jail in Binh Thuan at 11.30am local time (5.30am UK time).

He added: "I spoke to him just now and he said everything is OK. He is happy to be going home. He was in a good mood."

Glitter was transported in a Jeep under police guard to the airport. On his arrival he was taken inside through a VIP entrance around an hour before the flight took off. He is due to change planes in Bangkok, Thailand, and arrive in London tomorrow afternoon.