Horsemeat scandal: Recalled ready meals 'may still be on sale'


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Ready meals containing horse DNA may still be on sale despite a product recall, trading standards officials have said.

The Birds Eye spaghetti bolognese (340g) and beef lasagne (400g) meals were supposed to have been removed from shelves after the company confirmed that equine traces had been found in both.

But today Suffolk County Council Trading Standards said some smaller stores may be unaware of the withdrawal and still be offering the products for sale.

Colin Spence, the council's Cabinet member for public protection, said: “It is imperative that retailers in Suffolk are aware of this recall and act swiftly to remove any of the products identified by the Food Standards Agency from their shelves.”

The authority added that retailers should also check that they are not continuing to stock Findus beef lasagne (320g, 360g and 500g) which has also been found to contain horse DNA.

A spokesman added: “There is believed to be no food safety risk for any of these products, but they do not comply with food labelling laws and therefore should not be sold.”