How much does he earn?

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No 18: James Ferman, director of the British Board of Film and Video Classification.

Age: 63.

Salary: pounds 78,000.

Perks: Company car - a Honda Accord, free rental of a video recorder and use of videos, free cinema tickets.

Education: State school and Cornell University (BA Hons, English) in New York, where he was born, followed by King's College, Cambridge (MA Hons).

Family: Married with son and daughter

Home: A 'decrepit' four- bedroom mansion flat in West Hampstead, London.

Hobbies and interests: Hill walking, reading, music, theatre, and cutting scenes of sex and violence from films, including large chunks of the children's film, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He says he never gets bored with watching videos and films.