How much does he earn?: No 36: Richard Littlejohn, journalist, broadcaster and former Irritant of the Year.

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Salary: Around pounds 35,000 for his new LWT Friday night chat show Richard Littlejohn Live and Uncut, pounds 200,000 for a similar show called Live at Five on Sky, and pounds 68,000 for his twice-weekly column in the Sun.

Age: 40

Perks: The opportunity to broadcast his enlightened views on feminists - 'shaven-headed dykes'; John Major - 'There is apparently no limit to the PM's stupidity'; and the Royal Family - 'a tax-evading bunch of adulterers'. Life is not easy though; recently he is said to have been complaining that he doesn't know what to spend all his money on.

Home: A house in Haringey, north London, where he lives with his wife and two teenage children.

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