How much does he earn?: No 46: Marion Barry, prospective Mayor of Washington DC.

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Age: 58.

Salary: The former three- times mayor (1978-1990), prison inmate and born- again Christian, who is virtually certain to be elected mayor again in November following his primary election victory last week, earns dollars 71,885 ( pounds 48,000) a year as a member of the city's district council since November 1992. As mayor, this would increase to dollars 90,705.

Perks: As elected councillor, he has an official car at his disposal. As mayor, he would have a limousine plus security guards: the number of bodyguards would be at the discretion of Washington's police chief. While the mayor has no other specific perks, the potential for enjoying city funds was illustrated by the outgoing mayor, Sharon Pratt Kelly, caught earlier this year allocating dollars 14,650 a year for a personal make-up artist.

Criminal record: Arrested in 1990 for possession of cocaine and subsequently convicted and sentenced to six months' jail.

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