How much does he earn?: No 50: A Nationwide estate agent

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Age: 20-60

Salary: Varies enormously. depending on profitability of area and individual salesmanship. Basic salary aroundin the region pounds 12-14,000 but after commission average earnings vary range from pounds 18-35,000. 'What you're really buying is experience. I've been in the game for a long time so they have to pay me more for my skills.'

Hours: Can easily exceed 50 hours per week. An average day will begin at 8.15am and end at 6pm.

Perks: Lease car and a mobile phone for some women agents 'for safety reasons'.

'I also enjoy meeting people and I love looking at houses. It's all down to aesthetics all the different shapes and colours. I love walking into peoples lives on a one to one basis.' Travel: Mainly in the immediate area. But about once a month agents will swap branches for a day.

or attend meetings to exchange ideas.

Responsibilities: Strong social conscience required especially helping old people get a good price for their property.

Challenges: Obtaining the instructions to sell from a potential vendor. 'The British people always seem to appoint agents that charge the least, rather than looking at the range of services offered.'

Qualifications: Ability to sell and a basic education. 'The actual valuation of property is not that difficult.' A-levels required to become a chartered surveyor. If an individual wishes to become a chartered surveyor then A levels will at least be required.

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