How much does she earn?: No 30: Anna Ford

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Salary: pounds 85,000 from the BBC for three days a week on the Six O'Clock News; pounds 500 a day for stints on Radio 4's Today. Plus up to pounds 5,000 a day for corporate presentation work. Widow of the cartoonist Mark Boxer, Miss Ford, who crossed picket lines saying she could not afford to stay away from work as a single parent, also gets pounds 18.45 child benefit for her two children plus pounds 8.25 one-parent benefit.

Age: 50.

Perks: As a freelance she is not eligible for BBC staff benefits, but she can have a car to the Today studio.

Hours: Presenters of Today usually start at 4am and finish just after 9am. For the Six O'Clock News, she will arrive at about 11am and leave at 6.30pm.

Home: A detached house in Brentford, west London.

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