How much will he earn?: James Naughtie

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No 19: James Naughtie, presenter of the Today programme from tomorrow. Nicknames: Telegram Sam, Naughtie the News, Tintoretto: he was known on the Guardian for 'the breadth of his canvas'.

Age: 42.

Salary: As Today front-man, about pounds 90,000 a year (the exact sum is secret); 'several hundred pounds' for each James Naughtie Interview - a programme about opera on Radio 3 - and for each live commentary from Covent Garden. He also earns pounds 350 for his fortnightly column in Scotland on Sunday and at least pounds 100 per music/book review.

Perks: Mini-cab to work at 4.15am paid for by the BBC; toast, coffee, muesli and doughnuts from the 7.30am breakfast trolley; free morning papers; free 'broken-down Biros'; opera tickets; afternoons and Fridays off.

Heroes: Evelyn Waugh, Graham Greene, Allan Massie.

Family: Wife and three children. He also has a cleaner and part-time home help.

Home: A large house in Clapham, south London.

Education: Keith Grammar School, Aberdeen University (MA Hons, English), Syracuse University, New York.

Hobbies and habits: Scottish ballads; going to church on Sunday (he is an elder of the Church of Scotland); walking in Battersea Park; sleeping in; losing things - such as his wallet when taking guests to lunch.

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