How Scottish town of Stirling reacted with dry humour to one burst water main

A mild inconvenience for residents (and their castle)

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At least one cafe was forced to close this morning, as a burst water main brought mild inconvenience to the Scottish town of Stirling.

The medieval town, located in central Scotland suffered its dry spell this morning, forcing local residents to find other activities than water-based fun to keep them entertained. To make matters worse, due to the water mains issues, Stirling Castle has been forced to close indefinitely. As if things weren't bad enough.

With the paddling pool lying empty, and a trip to the castle impossible, Stirling locals took to Twitter to pass the time.

A man who calls himself Niall, and describes himself as a "soup turner" was forced to take a day off from running his cafe.

In an exclusive interview with The Independent, it can be revealed that Niall has spent today catching up on admin, and informed us "there is a wee tennis match taking place" to keep him occupied.

One twitter user, who operated under the pseudonym @bitchlovebitch, seemed deeply concerned about the indefinite closure of Stirling Castle, which dates from at least the early 12 century.

Most of us will be spending our Sunday afternoon on tenterhooks, waiting to see if Richard Glen will be able to have his guests over as planned.

A statement from Scottish Water explained the company were working repair the burst water main, that they had “made arrangements to restore supplies and ensure customers remain in supply during our work.”

“The high parts of Stirling town centre may experience low pressure and discoloured water.  We apologise for any inconvenience.”

The latest developments seem to show that the water is back on in parts of Stirling, but it's too little too late for some.

Check back here for updates on the developing situation.