How well do you know London? Test your cognition of the capital with Google Street View game Locate the London Location, by usvsth3m


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Londoners revel in their civic sense, from memorising the tube map, to telling black cabs from the Addison Lees. They understand postcode peculiarities, know not all oysters are for eating, and avoid Oxford street on a Saturday.

But say you landed in an unfamiliar part of the city, emerging from a telephone box Dr-Who style, would you be able to guess where you are?

Self confessed professional purveyors of online distraction, usvsth3m, have created Locate the London Location, dropping you into locations around the capital using Google Street View.

Rob Manuel, editor of usvsth3m, told the Independent: “The inspiration came from visiting my friend Ben Goldacre and watching him play GeoGuessr. He's very good at it, much better than me and I  wondered if I'd do better with a version that was only London. Limit the game to stuff I know.

“So I asked our lead coder Tom if he could do a London Guessr - he said yes -  then we decided to make it multiple choice because no one in  the office knew where London borough boundaries began or ended - so it moved away in execution from being a complete clone of GeoGessr and turned into it's own thing. “

So how well do you know London from sight? Try your hand at Locate the London Location.