I only got hit by lightning because I was on detention says schoolboy, 11

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Joe Compton remembers little of the day he was struck by lightning outside his school gates, but he does recall one important fact: he might not have been there at all had his teacher not kept him back for detention.

Joe, 11, suffered cardiac arrest, electric shock and severe burns after he was struck as he waited to be collected from Dorcan Academy in Swindon on 26 September.

"I don't remember the pain because I blacked out," he said. "I can't really remember anything that happened that day or even waking up in the hospital, but I know I had detention after school so I was a little bit late coming out."

Joe spent weeks in hospital, and there were fears that he would not pull through. Next month he will be fitted with a special body suit to help him recover from the burns.

On leaving hospital, Joe was invited to Swindon Town FC's County Ground stadium to meet the players and was presented with a signed shirt bearing the name "Lucky" and the number one.