Is this the best neighbour ever? Kind-hearted welcome letter goes viral

This heartwarming letter from one neighbour to a woman who just moved in next door has gone viral

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It’s a gesture that many of us wouldn't expect – in fact, most of us don’t even know our neighbour’s first name.

But one warm-hearted neighbour called Chris wasted no time in making sure the new tenants next door were given a generous welcome to their apartment in the US.

He sent a welcome note offering to help “bleed the tank” in the winter to get the gas heat working, and even promised to treat the new tenants to a free dinner to alleviate the stress of moving in.

“I know getting settled can be crazy and time-consuming, so dinner is on me,” Chris wrote, along with a list of tips and suggestions to help the newbies settle in.

He also explains that he is deaf in one ear “so if I ever have the TV to [sic] loud text me and let me know it turn it down”.

Chris’s good deed hasn’t gone unnoticed – it went viral after the newcomer posted the note on Facebook after finding it on the door of her apartment. .

But there’s a chance the note could be a hoax organised by Applebees, the family restaurant chain, because the picture of the letter features an Applebees gift card.

In any case, most users praised the neighbour’s kind gesture in Reddit’s comment section. One said: “We need more people like Chris in the world”.