Jet goes off end of Durham Tees Valley Airport runway


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A plane went off the end of the runway while preparing to take off, an airport spokesman said today.

The incident happened at Durham Tees Valley Airport when a Falcon 20 jet operated by Cobham Aviation Services developed a problem.

None of the three people on board was injured and the airport continued to operate as normal.

An airport spokesman said: "Emergency services have been involved in dealing with an incident at Durham Tees Valley airport this morning.

"The incident involved a Falcon 20 aircraft operated by Cobham Aviation Services.

"It is believed the aircraft developed problems whilst preparing for take-off and left the end of the runway.

"Three people were on board the aircraft.

"There are not believed to be any injuries and the airport is continuing to operate as normal.

"The Air Accidents Investigation Branch has been informed of the incident."