Kickstarter user raises $4,000 just so he can make a potato salad

Kickstarter user Zack Danger Brown began by seeking $10 so he could make just one portion of potato salad

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A man who asked for just $10 to make a potato salad on Kickstarter has now raised over $4,000 and attracted more than 330 backers.

The fundraiser, who calls himself Zack Danger Brown and is from Columbus, Ohio, initially posted the Kickstarter page as a spoof, pitching for $10 to allow him make just one potato salad.

However, his Kickstarter page quickly circulated across the internet and more and more users decided to back the wacky project.

At the time of writing, total money raised stands at $4,045 and Brown still has 26 days of funding to go.

Initially, when seeking just $10, Brown promised to simply make one potato salad if the target was reached. However, with the money continuing to roll in, Brown has had to continue to refine his plans on what he hopes to do with the funds.

When the money reached $1200, Brown said he would pay someone to film a thank-you video for all of his backers. Now with the total raised reaching $4,000, Brown has promised to rent out a hall and host a potato salad themed party for the whole of the internet.

So far the page has been shared a staggering 30,0000 times on Facebook and, in an update to supporters, Brown said he was overwhelmed by the support he has received from around the world.

"I've noticed a lot of backers are not from Columbus, Ohio, and that many of them are from outside of the country altogether!

"Thanks again everyone for making all of my dreams come true. I can't wait to say each of your names while making the potato salad."

Kickstarter was initially set up in 2009 with the stated aim of “helping to bring creative projects to life.” Since then it has raised over $1 billion for over 60,000 different projects.

Nevertheless, along the way there have been some pretty strange projects that people have sought funding for.

These include Cody Chavez’s bid to raise £8,000 to get an orchestra to play the Sonic the Hedgehog music, a pack of cards made to honor farmers everywhere or , most bizarrely, a project that planned to drop a grand piano on a pyramid of champagne glasses and call it art.