Kim Jong-un's brother 'visits London' to watch Eric Clapton concert at Albert Hall

The member of the Kim family is said to be an avid Clapton fan

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The brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been spotted attending two Eric Clapton concerts at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

The man widely identified as Kim Jong-chul was shown leaving a people carrier outside the venue in central London, in two separate videos broadcast by Japan's TBS network.

Kim’s, 33, was later seen applauding in the crowd and then leaving the show via a corridor.

A man believed to be a North Korean official placed his hand over the camera lens when a TBS journalist asked Kim if he enjoyed the concert, and the leader's brother did not reply.

Kim, who has reportedly also seen the legendary guitarist in Germany and Singapore, saw Eric Clapton play in London both on Wednesday and Thursday, BBC News reported.

The middle son of the late Kim Jong-il’s three children, Kim has kept a low profile since he was taken out of his family’s leadership succession several years ago. 

Kim Jong-un was appointed as the leader of North Korea in 2011

Simeon Paterson, a BBC journalist who attended Thursday's concert, said: “He was just like any other fan, but there were officials all around him.

"They were obviously not Clapton fans, and looked really out of place. But he was having a great time, singing along to all the words."

Kim’s entourage appeared to attempt to distract the media gathered at the building, as a video shot by Paterson showed a woman dressed in sunglasses and a green jacket leaving a car before Kim entered the building in similar clothing.

South Korean diplomats in London confirmed to The Guardian that Kim attended the concerts on both nights, and that he is a devoted Clapton fan.

The sources added that Kim stayed at the Chelsea Harbour Hotel in west London, where rooms can cost as much as £2,100, which was backed by reports from the South Korean Yonhap news agency.

He is said to be leaving London for Moscow on Friday, the agency reported.